Thursday, May 10, 2007

And then...

Sorry there still are no pictures. I was too busy to get to it. I finished 1 of the stationary windows, picked up the last 2 from the strippers, picked up my ceiling fan I ordered and cleaned the house. I also planted a few more basil seed packets. The heat here has just fried everything. It should be cooling down a bit so I figured why not throw some more seeds out there.

The window I finished looks damn fine. Its right dab smack in the middle of the living room. Glad it cleaned up nicely. I also learned something today.

I learned that when you are using the paint stripper you just keep putting it on. Put it on wait 10 minutes and then scrape it off. Move to another spot while you reapply in the first spot. After you have done this cycle twice is the part I learned. Use Lacquer Thinner with steel wool. DUH- Not that I would have know this but dang. Wish I knew this before I totally screwed up the fireplace. I am gonna have to have a do-over with that one.

ok, dinner time. Tomorrow, pictures I swear.

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