Monday, May 14, 2007

Nothing much to say

Its still all about the windows. Today is monday and I think by wednesday we will be out of the window business completely. Of course this is not including the door which we do not mention. The plywood and the dining room chair that are holding it shut just don't bother me. I actually don't even notice anymore.

This week is going to be big. The Mom is coming to town next week. This week I need to finish the following. The windows (duh), painting our room (ceiling and touch ups), hang new fan in our bedroom, wash walls in living room, fix the mantel place, strip frame around stained glass, pick up and mount window treatments for bedroom, clean guest room, clean house. No problem. Yikes. Actually the Mom is coming here to help. She and I are going to paint the living room and the dining room. That will be great. She can help me pick the colors. I have splotches painted all over the place. I can decide.

ok, I promise after the windows i'll take some photos.

Have a great monday!

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ericaca said...

you're a crazy lady sasha! that will be fun with your mom there to help you paint. seems like chores like that are always better when you've got someone to keep you company. good luck on the windows...they're looking fantastic. can't wait to see them in person!