Monday, June 11, 2007

God made dirt and dirt don't hurt

This weekend Nelson and I continued to dig up the backyard. It looks so huge compared to what is was before. The trenches are gone. Now we have dirt and a few plants that survived the cut. I guess you could say the plants were on "Survivor". Only the strong survived.

We also got our door back from the restoration place. They did a kick ass job. Jose replaced the entire side where all the holes were drilled and used bondo to fix a lot of the dryrott. He plugged the holes where the security bars were drilled. And the best part is that when I took the door in 5 windows were broken and when I got it back, yes only 7 were broken. Yay for Jose.

As usual nothing happens during the week. This weekend I hope to get the boys to make a dump run and get rid of the rest of the concrete. I would like to also get the door hung. Maybe the Husband can pick up some replacement glass on the way to work. It will be nice to get that final piece of the plywood puzzle in place.

Sunday I finished touching up the paint in my bedroom. Looks so much better. I got the Bioshield catalogue. I need to pick my paint colors and get to it. I'm going clay all the way.


erica said...

what's bioshield? is your room going to be pink?

LBTudor said...

If I knew how to make links I would but the address is its natural paint. Made out of clay and natural powders. Totally non toxic. And no pink. I am trying to get rid of the maroon ceiling. Yuck-

erica said...

hmmmm...interesting. christian and i will be needing to paint our upstairs in a month or so.