Monday, June 18, 2007

You say tomatoe I say tomato

Another weekend update. Corn is peaking out and I spotted 1 tomato that seems to be turning red. There are quite a few big-uns that would be yummy as fried green tomato's. Bought some corn meal on saturday, might have to fry some up.

The bedroom is getting closer to being finished. I painted the ceiling and the doors. Honestly could not tell you why the closet no longer closes. I shall leave that for the Husband to fix. He is great at trouble shooting. I am the type to stand there and keep slamming it until it finally closes. No, not really not after all the work we have done. Its more like me to stand there and stare until someone asks what's wrong. Then I cry.

I did get a nasty chemical burn on my hands from TSP. I have used this stuff to wash all the walls in the house. I was using it outside on the doors everything was going fine until I threw all the hardware into the bucket. I had already boiled all the hardware but there was still tons of caked on paint that I couldn't get off. To my benifit I was wearing my mask. Anyway, I threw all the hinges in the bucket and then when I got it out and was washing it off my gloves got eaten off my hands and then they started to burn. I soaked my didgets in water and mild soap then I thought washing the dog might help. Ya know no reason to waste soap and water. I got the burning to stop and now (day after) my hands are bright red and my fingernails are brown. I think I need better gloves.

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