Thursday, June 28, 2007

New addition to the family

No I'm not pregnant. We are adopting a dog today. If all goes well that is. We have been looking for a rotty to adopt for a while now. I contacted a few people and even one rottweiler rescue agency but nothing has panned out. I think it is destiny. We have met Sylvester.

Sylvester has had a rough life. He was found wandering the streets of LA. East LA I think. Ouch. He is a little tattered. Torn ear, tail is long, dew claws were never clipped. His hair is corse and he is missing some teeth. He is perfect.

My friend Tracy and I went up to Santa Monica to meet him last weekend. Tonight the people from MuchLove rescue agency are bringing him over to meet Vilano and to do a home inspection. I am not only nervous about the home inspection, can you say renovation? But I am nervous about bringing another dog into the family.

For 8 years it has been me and Vilano. She is my little angel. She is my shadow and my bestest friend. I love that dog. But, I am really excited to have another dog around. i think she will be happy too. Annoyed but happy. Its exciting and sad.

Total mixed emotions. Maybe this is the start of something. Maybe i'll turn into crazy dog lady.


mom said...

good luck. billie got her dog a friend and they get along great.

erica said...

sylvester is cute. maybe you can be crazy dog lady and i can be crazy cat lady. we just won't be able to live next door to one another. ha.

Durf said...

How good of you to adopt him! I'm so happy hearing of people adopting older strays. I'm sure he's going to have a good life from now on in your home.