Friday, June 29, 2007

Now we have 2

The dogs are doing great. Give us about a month or so and we will all be sleeping in the same bed. No, not really but its a funny thought. The trainer from MuchLove brought over the little guy last night. We all walked and sniffed. Looks like we are all going to get along.

Today was the first morning of all being together. For now Sylvester is sleeping in his crate and Vilano has normal reign of the house. When I woke up I let him out, made her stay in. Fed him outside, fed her inside. played with him inside, played with her inside. By the time I left for work i needed a nap.

Nels took them for a walk and send me this picture.

Yay for Rottweilers! They are the best.

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mom said...

sooo cute! i bet the neighbors are thrilled!