Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ok, Happy Sometimes

I don't want yesterday's paint misshaps to overshadow saturday's progress. The boys did a dump run and got rid of the rest of the rock quarry. I think Nels said it was alomst 2 tons, is that right?

They discovered some strange pipe in the ground. Our neighbor said Long Beach is full of strange pipes. Could be oil for all we know. I figure we will just cover it up with dirt and pretend its not there.

Our plumeria tree is also blumming. Its beautiful.

Thanks again guys for spending your weekend doing the dump. I appreciate it!


mom said...

your lucky you didnt have to pay dump fees

oil? i'm real curious about that pipe

LBTudor said...

they had to pay, think it cost about 80 bucks. Nothings for free.

mom said...

80 is cheap. my dump fees cost more than the cost to clear the land

i like the light exterior colors, it shows off the texture. maybe you can try diff shades in photoshop. ask erica for ideas