Monday, August 27, 2007

The Grass is Greener

We successfully laid 400 square feet of grade A Marathon 1 on saturday. It was practically instant gratification. I loved every second of it. Amazing how you can go from dirt to lawn in 4 hours.

Here is something crazy to think about. We bought 2 15 gallon Sellom plants @ 16 bucks each direct from the nursery. We went to Lowe's yesterday to look at patio furniture and the same plant in a 1 gallon container was 16.99. I almost choked. What a rip off. Thank goodness I know where to buy my plants.

Yesterday we threw some fall/ winter seeds in the ground. Nels made me mini sunshade tents. I'll have to take some pictures of that. They are cute. I hope they work. The sun has just about fried everything I have planted. So far the greens are my biggest success. We are eating the last bowl of tomatoes right now. They are so yummy.

This week I am going to remeasure the gravel situation. I need to cut it WAY down and then get some. Even though we have nice grass we still have dirt walkways which still mean muddy paws.

Have a happy monday!


Shaniqua said...

Sweet... where'd you score the sod, was it a good deal, and can you hook a sister up?

We got our Mexi pebbles in bulk at this place in Los Alamitos. Did you should try them? It's on Cerritos off Los Al blvd. Here's the link:

LBTudor said...

That is where we got our sod. They are the ones that quoted me 3,000 for mexipeddbles. I am going to remeasure and rethink the whole thing. I can ditch the side walkway idea and just plant light traffic grasses. I was also thinking of putting a different gravel under where the seating arrangement will be. I just need a bigger size because of the doggies. I don't want them tracking it all over the house.

Shaniqua said...

3000 for pebbles is a shiz-it load of rocks... I think we paid 1000 for the pebbles and some river rock to line the walkway.

LBTudor said...

1,000 is still a lot. Last night I remeasured and cut the square footage down by about 1/2. I am thinking that I can put the less expensive rocks under the seating arrangement and the nicer ones for the walkways.