Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Grass Is Almost Greener

We are not doing so well with the new sod. It has been so hot that we can't keep up with the watering. We also thought the fancy new sprinkler system was doing its job. Well, I suppose it was. We on the other hand did not do our job.

I have faith that we will bounce back. Last night we had to dig up one of the Selloms and relocate it in a rubber trash can for the time being. Mei (poor house guest who has turned into my personal slave) will dig me another expert hole this weekend. Guess i'll throw it in the side yard.

Back to the grass. It was looking a little patchy. Some from the pissing machines we like to call our dogs. Some was because our mock-up seating arrangement was blocking the flow of the water. Either way me and the Husband hopefully have redesigned and should be back in business.

Some of the sod did have to be moved. I felt really bad ripping it up. You could hear it tearing up out of the soil. It was like I was ripping it from the womb. I apologized and said a few words. Hopefully the good old Marathon 1 will prevail.

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