Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Big Weekend Big Accomplishments

Currently I am drafting a list of all the things we ate this weekend. I'll get back to you when its finished. Since it was in the 100's in Long Beach it almost seems disgusting how much we ate. Good thing we have central air. We kept it nice and cave like. Cool and cozy. We even baked a pie. Sick, I know.

We also shoveled 3,000lb of 3/4 Mojave Rock. Actually Nels and Mei shoveled it. I was more of the finger pointer. The backyard is starting to come together. I had to move a few of the Flax plants. They were getting burned up by the heat. Hopefully the weather will start to cool soon. I am having a hard time keeping up. The grass is a little better. I called the Marathon 1 Sod Hotline on friday. He said keep water on it. I was not watering for long enough. Whatever. Do I look like a landscaper? Apparently so or not. I don't know.

Jose and Nels hung my hammock. It was so nice to sit in it. I have not sat in that hammock in almost 7 years. Mei and I got that hammock when we went to Brazil a million years ago. I raised my dog in that hammock. I almost shed 1 tear of nostalgia. Almost.

So its tuesday and I'm back at work. Its hard to think. I am so full (not only from the weekend, from the huge lunch I just ate) and so hot. I guess you could say I am borderline miserable.

Enjoy the artsy pictures Nels took for me.

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mom said...

where r the artsy pics of u?