Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day = Mass Consumption

Here is a list of all the things we ate over the weekend. If you were there and see something we missed, please feel free it add it.
I am now back to working out and eating well. I am still so full it hurts to breathe.

It was very nice to cook in the house. It was especially nice to hear the comment Mei made about feeling cozy and comfy. All the work we have been doing has paid off.

We officially have a Home.

Thanks to all the helpers and eaters.

We love you all!

Please read the list carefully. All ingredients are certified organic from the Santa Monica Farmers Market or from NorthGate market by the house. Best Mexican market in Long Beach.

ok, binge and purge...

Greek gyro from the
Danish dessert covered in jam and sugar
Green Tea ice cream
BBQ chicken from Inglewood
Chips and salsa
Cactus salad
Rotisserie Roast
Roasted Beet's
Herb Roasted Potatoes
Lemon Cucumber Salad
Mixed Greens from the garden
Shoyu Chicken
Peach Pie - homemade
Dulce de Leche cookies
Edamame Shumai
Tamales - we ran after the guy, comes to the neighborhood on the weekends
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Bratwurst Sandwich
Pork and Onions
Broiled Polenta
Black Beans
Beef Ribs

Various Beverages Including:
Bud Light
New Castle
White Wine from Argentina
Mexican Soda
Cream Soda
and lots and lots of water


mom said...


Vixen said...

i wasn't invited so i have no idea what you ate. greazy pasta?

LBTudor said...

I can't believe you ate that pasta. Not too good. And I also read that 1 glass of wine deplets 2 glasses of water. Next time don't listen to Tracy on how to "prepare" for a race.