Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Dog Has...Worms

Sly is an awesome dog. His little waggly nub cracks me up. Sometimes he is bad but most the time he is good. He can't be trusted quite yet so he still sleeps in the kennel in the dining room. I had the thought of how to somehow tie it in w/ the decor. No, not really.

As you all know we were living with the dirt patch for quite a long time. When Sly would go out for walks (every morning, thanks Nels) as soon as he would hit the green belt he would roll around and do the backstroke. We laughed and thought it was so cute. He would munch a little on the grass but hey, its not our grass. What do we care? Well, now it is our grass.

Stop munching the grass!

He is not allowed to be alone in the backyard. He is ripping up the grass. BAD DOG! And then the discovery. Wormy Butt! Last night over dinner. Yes, we were talking about dog worms at dinner. We already had ordered the dewormer pills but had not thought about it. Mei made the connection.

I ordered the pills and should kill the nasty tapeworms. Hopefully the wormy butt will go away and the grass will stop getting munched. If not then we will resort to beating him.


mom said...

unfortunately, billie's second dog didn't work out and she took the cute fluff ball to the pound. he was soon adopted out by a synpathic couple who had experience w/a dog with allergies.

Vixen said...

tapeworms are probably the cause. *used to be a vet tech ya know* tape worms are hosted by fleas. so see, we digress.. get rid of the fleas- *i know, they're awful this year* -get rid of the tapeworms-save the lawn!! a rotty named sly. love it.

LBTudor said...

The neighbor kid rescued a little mangy cat. i think that is where the tainted flea came from. Ick- I gave Sly the meds and have not scene any more worms. Still munches the grass though. Bad dog.