Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rocks Are Not Free

The whole planning of the yard has been a very big job. Its my first landscape project. I have probably measured and drawn the backyard 1/2 a dozen times. I plan and then replan. I have sketched, made sample color pallets and done it all over again. I have gone from structured to organic. Brick paths have turned into gravel walkways.

I think I am driving myself crazy.

All that said.

I ordered the sod for saturday pick up. I tried to order the mexican pebbles for the walkways but the 600 sq. ft almost turned into $3,000. I need to go back and look at rocks again. There is no way I am paying that kinda money for rocks. I rather drive to mexico and get them myself.



mom said...

did u try home depot?

LBTudor said...

I try not to shop at home depot. That is a horrible place to be. Bleck-

erica said...

we just get quarter inch gravel (or something like that). it's grey. it's cheap. it looks pretty good. rocks are crazy expensive. it kills me spending tons of money on them.