Monday, August 20, 2007

Hi Hoe Hi Hoe Its off To Garden We Go

This weekend we were all over the place. I swear me and the Mr. are a great match. We plug right along and somehow we manage to get it all done. Work and play, we got it all going on.

Saturday morning I got up early and went to my favorite nursery. Kobata Growers in Torrance. Its fantastic. I even took my mom there when she came to visit. I mean I'm sure its nothing special to some but I think its the best. They have a stall at the LA Flower market. That's how I came to know them. The grounds are huge. This time I saw tons and tons of tuberose. I had no idea they were CA friendly. I only bought 3, if they do well I will probably fill all the borders with them. If you are unfamiliar with them they are lilly like plants that shoot up stalks, almost like a gladiola but not, and the flowers smell like gardenia. Fabulous. I'll add a picture of the plant. No flowers yet.

I got enough grasses and things for the side yard. I am thinking that I'll just let that stuff fill in and come back to it later. Like next year later. Maybe add some ground cover or something. I like the strawberry plant, the one that does not produce fruit. It just spreads and has the nice leaves.

Armando finished the backyard sprinklers. He ran a drip along the fence line all the way up to the side of the house. We ended up using only 2 sprinkler heads in the backyard. Since we are going to do tropical-ish I wanted something that was going to spray. Not pop up heads. He did a really great job. We are going to hire him again in about a month or so. We need the front yard dug up and redone. I will probably cut back on the actual lawn space. Landscape the curbside and get rid of some crap that we couldn't deal with. There is a huge obnoxious bird of paradise right by the front walk. I like bird's but not there. That will all come after I get more cash in the bank.

Back to the backyard. Since Sly (our new dog) decided the shred all the bags of compost for me. Such a good helper. We also spread that all over the back and laid out the lines for the path's and the sod. We ended up getting a little more grass than expected. Its like a landing strip. *wink wink

For whatever reason I must have black bamboo for the back fence. I want it, I need it. I have begun searching for it.

My legs are more sore than my arms. I wonder how the Husband is holding up. After we were done in the yard we washed dogs and then he washed trucks. I'm always happy to go back to work so I can rest. Why am I such a slave driver?


mom said...

Ron knows the black bamboo source. i think its a mailorder bamboo place in alabama.

sunshine said...

awsome space!!