Thursday, August 16, 2007

Techinical Difficulties

Hello Folks-

I have been having computer problems. I was full and I couldn't download any pictures. And really what fun is a blog with no pictures? None. So the external hard-drive finally came and we are back in business.

As you all know the house has been painted. It looks great. I still think the green trim would have also looked FAB but who cares. Moving on. Nizzle did some driveway repair and recoating. Also looks great.

Although curious as to why that section of the driveway fell in. Hopefully we are not on a sinkhole like the lady a block down. Cross our fingers on that one.

The Screen Machine is coming today. I cannot tell you how happy I will be to open the windows. Don't get me wrong, AC rules. But I also like the air. Perhaps someday i'll put a screen door on the dining room side. We get a really nice cross breeze.

Last weekend we found our new favorite store. South Coast Building Supply This place is great. We bought all the soil prep and are going to start this weekend. That is if the sprinkler guy shows up. Have not heard from him in a few days.

Today I am going to research some plants for my ground plan. I know zero scape is the hot ticket. We personally like water wasting tropical. Perhaps there is some middle ground.

Any plant favorites out there? See ya'll after the weekend.


mom said...

this is the time of year perennials are on the market (which means its time to plant them). Late summer.

Vixen said...

i love the zero scape, and think it would look awesome with the paint colors you chose. now who says though, that you can't mix the two (tropical/zero scape) like the Big Island.....lava and jungle... mmmmmm

sunshine said...

some herb are good perennials like oregano,mint,rosemary and lemon grass.

erica said...

there are some really great xeriscape plants that manage to look fairly tropical. perhaps you could have a combination of tropical/dry by having a couple of garden zones...we've got super low maintenance plants that need no water out in our parking strip and towards the front of the yard and a few that need water once in awhile closer to the house (and our hose). you'd be surprised at how many plants don't really need water. there are gorgeous sages, salvias, lavenders, rosemary...i don't think we've ever watered our timber bamboo...