Thursday, October 4, 2007

No Doggie

Last night we went to our class at El Dorado Park. We met with an old timer dog trainer guy. He was nice enough. Gave us a few new ideas. Some stuff we will never do. Like putting chicken wire around the couch. I thought he was joking. Nels thinks he was being serious. We will just let that idea die.

I think the husband was more intrigued by the other lady in the class. She has an older Lab and she got a puppy. Big mistake. That little puppy is running her life. That is the exact reason why we got Sly. No puppy please. No can handle.

One of my biggest reasons for going to the class is to get them to pee on the gravel and quit eating my grass. This morning was our first try at our newly trained life. They ate breakfast and I took them out. And then we stood there for 1/2 an hour waiting for them to pee. I think it was a bit confusing. I put the leash's on and then we stood.

We shall try again tomorrow.

Save the grass!

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