Monday, October 1, 2007

There is Life in Death

Sad to say we had to kill the lemon tree. No, it was already dead. One of the first things I purchased for the house was citrus food for the lemon tree. We tried to save it. We trimmed, feed, watered, pissed. Nothing worked. Back to the pissing comment. I looked it up and the split was about 50/50. Some say to pee on the tree some say don't. We even tried to get the dogs to help us out. Regardless, tree was dead.

We said a little word, thanked the tree for all the yummy garnishes it has provided and then sawed the bitch down. It was a hell of a chore. Just ask the husband. At this point I had already mowed (we will get back to this later) so I was pretty much foreman.

It was sad but hopefully the plumeria that has been planted in its place will provide us years of pretty flowers. We will have to plant another healthly lemon tree. Cocktails will never be the same.

Ok, so mowing the lawn is a total hassle. I do love the push mower. Biggest problem is that its a 4 step process. its like epoxy but with more parts. You mow, then rake, then mow again because it looks like a chem lawn. And yes, you have to rake once more. So what should be a 1/2 hour gig for the 600 square ft has not turned into an hour of my life.

Needless to say I will be looking at craigslist for a "new" mower.

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