Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Your Floor is My Floor

Too bad i'm working today or else I would be at Jose' new house pointing my finger. Actually he has it totally under control. Some of our other friends are over there helping him out. Looks like he will make the move in date after all.

This was yesterdays progress. I think today they are going to finish ripping out the crap from the kitchen, patching the wall, finish installing the hardwood.

Looking nice guys.

As for us. This weekend I am going to work on the bathroom window. Its got paint all over the pebbled glass. Its tough to open and i'm sick of it. We should get back on track with it. Holidays are coming and we are going to do a bit of traveling so we best be working now.

Something seems to be wrong with the upload. I'll post the picture of the floor later.

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