Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm All Like Whatever

So the holiday was awesome. P-Town was fun, once again. We succeeded in eating ourselves into multiple comas. I actually read a book and did some light shopping.

On to more serious topics. The fancy hardware store. Disappointed is not the right word. I would say its something more like uber high expectations. I think I was expecting a champagne fountain and a bubble machine. I didn't get either. Nor did I get anything else.

It was a very beautiful store. A lot bigger than I expected. I suppose the price point is what turned me off.

We looked for our outside fixture, it was kinda too big. We looked for our window latch, they didn't make anything new that we could use and the antique stuff looks like the stuff we already have. Guess who will be sanding down the notch this weekend. Hope that offer still stands.

All-in-all it was a great time. If I was allowed to take furniture in my baggage I'm pretty sure I could have found some great garden benches.

Enjoy the rare photo of me.

I'm sure the after Thanksgiving hangover did nothing for my shopping experience. Couldn't be.

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mom said...

mazel tov!!!