Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Obsession

I got my 2008 High Mowing Seeds catalog. I have already tagged everything that I was to throw out there for the spring. Looks like we might experiment with eggplant (again), different kinds of onions, squash, herbs and some flower mixes. I have tried a few other seed companies and these seem to be the best so far.

Didn't see it in their catalog but would still like to try okra and brussle sprouts. Yum. We had some at the brothers house for Thanksgiving. They were super yum.

Get your catalog and start tagging it up. I think I might have also caught the rose bug. Someone at work brought in the David Austin Rose book its pretty amazing.


Jennifer said...

Ooo... thanks! My dream is to have the veggie garden laid out by next spring! Good to hear that they grow well.

e-roqa said...

brussel sprouts are weird. do they grow well down there? up here, generally they don't get harvested until after the first frost. supposedly, the cold does something to make them sweet...or some such thing. okra should do awesome down there because y'all get so much sun! if you ever come visit in late spring, we'll take you to the rose garden. i'm not even that into roses, and it makes me a little crazy for them!

LBTudor said...

Good point. I'll have to look into the sprout suituation. It was so much fun popping them off the stalk.

eroqa said...

maybe we'll have to start shipping you brussel sprout trees!