Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wanna See My New Hole?

Even though I am unemployed and have no money I bought a tree. Its a really beautiful tree and it was a bargain. Since I shop wholesale I already get good deals but this Tree Fern was on sale for 20 bucks. I couldn't refuse it.

After trading laundry service for hold digging we were all set.

I like it do you?

Ooo. The yard guys came yesterday. They were here for over 2 hours. I am so happy to have the help. I feel so much better about the front of the house. Even though its not "landscaped" at least its cleaned up. And again, no money to pay for it but we can eat hamburger a few nights a week right?


mom said...

i'm glad u know your priorities..we're to fat anyway

erica said...

holy crap! only twenty bucks? that's amazing. christian's going to be beyond green with envy.

Aimee said...

what a pretty tree! worth making the sacrifices of a few hamburgers (the cows will thank you too).

soosheerice said...

You got that whole monster for $20?! AMAZING!! That is a very nice hole, too.