Monday, March 24, 2008

I Like My Holes Square

Nuthin like spending the 3 day weekend digging a big fat hole. The Husband dug 1/2 and then the neighbor came to help. Perhaps he heard us huffing and puffing from 2 blocks away. It was a hot one. 80+.

So we have the hole dug. Let me just tell you. When someone offers you a 90 degree angle TAKE IT. This time the layout took all of 20 minutes vs. the 4 hours spent last weekend. I'm actually glad because after I landscaped the side of the garage the original 10x10 would not have worked. Try figuring out how I could convince the Husband to put the dirt back after I changed my mind. HA.

We decided to do a 8'x10'. That will be plenty of space to sit, relax and eat. We will eventually put some sort of shade structure above. Lots of room back here to play with. Lots of plants to plant.

After we lay the bricks I have a feeling we will be moving on to the front yard. That's a whole nuther bag of mess.

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Adriana said...

Soon I will be drinking PBR on that patio =D