Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Off With His Head

I am definitely feeing the love. When a girl cries help neighbors sure do come running. While I was busy working yesterday (and yes, I was working) Mr. Neighborman came and chopped down yet another tree.

Last year our corn didn't do well at all. I blame this tree. Plus every weekend I have been raking leaves. Last weekend I bagged 6 lawn and leaf bags full of the mess. I was hating this tree. It was in my electrical, dropping leaves all over the place and jacking up my garden.

I can bitch about it no more. The other neighbor kids will come by later to gather the wood. Then I will be left with another stump to deal with. Better that than the mess.

This is eventually going to be a gate to the side yard and an outdoor shower.

Yay for progress! And no I am not a tree hater. I am just picky.

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