Monday, March 31, 2008

Slight Detour

I know we were suppose to work on the patio. I know in the directions it says 2 days and it has been a month. Well we still have the hole dug so no worries there.

We had a plumbing detour. Thursday when I came home Armando was there finished up the yard work. He said there was a ditch under the house full of water. WHAT? The Husband crawled under the house and did some trouble shooting. Seems the tub was clogged and the bath water was all coming out of the overflow. We never would have known that was happening.

So Saturday we bought another snake and went crazy. I say another snake because The Husband already went through one. He is a snaking fool. He went under the house and played video games on his iPhone while I ran the snake through the drain from the bathroom. We think we got it this time. Our sink was also acting funny. We hope this will take care of that too.

Plus the weather was way too nice to finish the patio. I like to wait until its scorching outside to do any sort of manual labor.

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