Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm A Cheater

I have been cheating on myself with another forum. I have looked at this gardenweb site for sometime but now I have discovered they have an old house forum.

Since baseboards have been on my mind for quite sometime I have started to actually look into it. We use Superior Moulding at work from time to time. They have a great selection of mouldings and trim. Now I need to just go there and look around.

Anyway, back to the Old House forum. I posted something about needing advice for baseboards for The Muffin. They seem to have some experts over there. Maybe we can get some tips.

The only clue that has been left behind is the plaster line. The walls are textured and then there is a 3" strip around the bottom of the wall where its smooth. I have looked in every closet and I cannot find a single stitch of baseboard. Who is such a hater of trim work that they had to rip it all out?

I'm not a fan of the skinny board. I might have to go with something a little bigger and better. With the corner posts of course.
So here we are. Looking at catalog's and wishing we had answers.

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