Monday, March 17, 2008

Look Familiar?

This is a site we see a lot at the Muffin. The wheelbarrow filled with rocks and dirt. We move the stuff around so much good thing we design with this in mind. Since we are on a budget and we can't do everything at once we have to do it like this. Baby steps.

Saturday we moved the rocks and made another path from the driveway to the soon to be patio. Then Sunday we measured and remeasured. We know how to make a square. Not a problem. But in the design tips for the patio they said make sure and check your diagonal. We could not get this right. We measured off the house, off the garage, from the waist, from the ground. At about 4:00 we decided to just dig it out and make the corrections with the bricks themselves.

At 4:05 we finally said screw it and rode bikes to our neighbors to have a beer.

It was a great weekend.


mom said...

looks great!

Adriana said...

Beer? You should have called me!