Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back To Front

Today is my last day off work on this project. Now I can really "get my stuff done". Its time to move from the back to the front. We have the timer installed, that was a big one. This weekend The Husband is busy but maybe next weekend we can work on the sprinkler system. Its a big waterfalling mess. Some of the heads are missing so when it comes on its just a big gusher. We can fix it. Our lawn guy wanted to charge us $450 to work on it. Screw that.

In the meantime I'll work on the beds. Dig out more of the grass and condition the soil. We have great compost that we have been using. Its so rich and dirt like. :)

I am going to start with the tea porch and the side by the driveway. Design suggestions anyone? The side with the fireplace is south facing. It gets hammered with sun in the summer but right now its a lot more mellow. The silvery leaves of the lavenders and sages look great against the color of the house.

So many choices.


mom said...

one word...PERENNIALS. Roses would love it there.

Christi said...

I bought a BIG ol' bag of Johnny Jump Up seeds the other day...I love these guys. They're so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

daylilies are super hardy

LBTudor said...

The lily suggestion is a great one. A whole mess of orientals would be stunning. Went to Lowe's yesterday to look, nothing. I might have to order.