Monday, April 14, 2008

Side Side Slippity Side

Thanks for all the suggestions for the side yard. I am really liking the lily idea. At least for the side of the tea porch. Still not sure what to do back here by the side door or the side of the house by the chimney. Plus, I love the iris but once they bloom they die down and it looks like crap again.

Back to now. Today I am going to start getting the beds ready. We still need to work on the sprinkler system but I thought it would be ok to get some compost in there.

Still have no idea what I want to plant. I need something that grows upwards so The Husband can get his motorcycle by with out smashing anything.

Funny. I had no problems with ideas for the back. The front is simply stumping me.

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mom said...

u could have a climbing rose. fruit trees can be trained to grown flat against a wall. a pear tree would be interesting