Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Base! How Low Can You Go?

We have been slacking on the interior of the house. I mean its clean but we have not done much as far as fixing or finishing anything.

A few weeks ago I went to Superior Moulding looking for inspiration. I was floored by how much the base mouldings were. I buy from them for work but when its your own money it seems like so much more.

Yesterday I went to Ganahl Lumber and picked up a few samples. They were so nice. I guess they make a lot of their own mouldings. There were 2 samples that I wanted that they didn't have on hand. They ordered them for me and I picked them up this afternoon.

I stained them all to match the windows and I think I have a winner. But not sure yet. We need to live with a foot of it to make sure.

Can't remember where I saw the link for these but I ordered 2 anyway. I want to see if its going to work of if its just too much. Thinking it might be too much but I rather spend the $30 bucks to know for sure.

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Duane said...

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