Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Big Payback

Saturday I was out in the garden killing snails. The beer trick is bogus, I am still loosing the battle. I am going to resort to poison very soon. Actually I tossed out some pellets on the mulch and it has seemed to help. The beer works but I am the one that tosses them in. They don't slim there way in on their own.

Ok, the point of this post is not the snails. Sidetrack. The point of the post is that I grew an artichoke. Or 3 as it seems. I planted these starter plants last year and nothing happened. They got hot and wilted away. I even planted basil, fennel and some other herbs in the same spot. Once the weather got cooler the leaves popped up and they grew all winter. The plants got huge and I started trimming the bottom leaves off in the last few months.

And then poof there they are. I think they heard me talking about them. I was just telling The Husband that if they didn't do something soon they were going to loose their spot.

Well, here they are. Anyone got any good recipes? When should I pick them?


Jennifer said...

Mmm... grill them! Blanch them in boiling water for 20 minutes to soften, then cut in half, brush with herbed olive oil, and lay cut side down on the grill. Peel apart and dip in lemon mayonaise or yogurt mixture. Scrape the yumminess stuck to the inside of the leaf (on the bottom) off with your teeth and eat. Don't eat around people you want to impress... it's messy and GOOD.

Christi said...

Is that a recipe for the artichoke or the snails? Either way, sounds YUMMY!!!

mom said...

i just boil with a alittle dish of butter and garlic cloves nestled next to the burner so it melts while the artichoke is cooking. you can cut the tips of the leafs off with poultry scissors before cooking. dont eat the thistle that guards the heart. it is bitter. if you were going to stuff and bake you would remove it. boo hoo they dont grow in florida. i have no idea when they're ripe.