Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deader Than Dead

A while back I bought this beautiful hanging plant. At the nursery it was in full sun. When I brought it home I planted it in the sink* in the backyard. Turns out it didn't get enough sun so I moved it. I put it in full sun and I killed it. I think it could have lived in the sink and then when I moved it it was just too much. I have a problem with relocating things. I have stopped my impulse to replant and now commit to whatever dumb ass decision I have made.

*The side story on the sink: Our bathroom has a pedestal sink. Its obviously not original as the knobs do not match the toilet which we know is original. The toilet is date stamped on the pipes and bowl. So a friend of ours was in Burbank and saw that they were tearing down and old house. He asked us what we needed. Glass, sink anything? I don't even remember saying anything. I think he remembered that our sink was new so he went into the house and grabbed us the bathroom sink before the demo trucks came. Turns out the sink is cast iron and weighs a ton. Its too big for our bathroom but sure looks good in the yard. Maybe I should paint it red?

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Adriana said...

You should have seen what I did to mine. It was dying slowly so I scalped all the dead limbs and ended up with a pot of dirt. RIP little plant. RIP.