Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Like Little Soldiers

Before the Food Exchange I harvested all my green onions. They were getting HUGE and super out of control. I had let them all go to flower and then reseed. The bees were loving it but I was kinda over it. They were getting a little crazy so I thought a harvest and replant was in order.

These little onion seeds were planted 2 weeks ago. I purchased them at a Japanese market we sometimes shop at. Looking at the Kitazawa website a little closer I might want to get a few more items. These little seedlings look so happy and healthy.

Perfect addition to my spice mix. YUM!

*someone posted about this seed company a few weeks ago, I tried to look for that comment but couldn't find it. I also purchased radishes when I bought the Welsh Onion seeds. I have been looking forward to planting them.

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Adriana said...

Is it time to plant onions? Can I plant my bunching onions or any onions for that matter now? I've been holding on to my seed packet all this time. Oh crap!