Monday, July 21, 2008


Last year sure was a different year in my garden. We had so much extra herbs and chilies I made a spice mix. I added the dried ingredients to Hawaiian salt and peppercorns. It was chunky and really good. It was the base for all the soups and beans I cooked all winter. I left it chunky but then decided that I was also going to do a batch run through the spice grinder. Its nice to have both. The chunky mix is perfect for long simmering but it was too much for a daily seasoning. The Husband didn't like chomping into a peppercorn while trying to eat a salad. I don't blame him.

This year it seems like my garden is still sleeping. We are just now harvesting our first big batch of chilies. I started to dry them and store them to make my spice mix. I was looking into drying them in the sun. Its gets hot enough, should work.

So far we have dried Fresno and Super Chilies.

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Kelli said...

I have a bumper crop of the much maligned serrano chilies this year. How did you dry your chilies? Maybe I will come to the swap! I was also thinking paste...I have to look up some thai recipes for some paste suggestions. I have been making basil paste (pesto without the cheese and nuts) and freezing in ice cube trays...those are great to drop in to soup stocks. Going out to the garden, bye!