Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bronze Loquat

Thanks to mom for the emergency tech support while I was at Kobata. I saw this Bronze Loquat tree on special and wanted to double check what I was buying. I am familiar with the Loquat tree but was not sure about the bronze thrown into the name.

We had this tree growing up. I loved the fruit, small little orange balls. The perfect size to pop into your mouth and just spit out the seed. I didn't know the name until recently. I always called it a Japanese Plumb. Since moving to Southern California they are pretty common. But the bronze variety has a very pretty leaf. I was planing on putting one in the back to replace the Australian Tree Fern that died. But it fit so perfectly in the front. The shade will be much appreciated.

Now we can plant a citrus in the back. Any suggestions?


mom said...

key lime!!

Jennifer said...

I would go with Meyer Lemons.. or avocados if you can grow them!

Adriana said...

I've got a dwarf "bearss lime" and a dwarf "eureka lemon" so I have the lemonade and tequila shots covered... Plant something we can swap =)

Erica! said...

Don't tell Christian about the Loquat. He has the same fond memories and bought one, but it can't handle the crazy east winds we get in the winter. The poor thing gets the crap beat out of it every winter. We could have sent you back with it! I put a vote in for meyer lemons. They are sooooo good, and not that common in markets (at least in PeeTown). Plus, you can freeze the juice in ice cube trays for later.