Monday, August 11, 2008

Stripping Vs. Stripper

Back in the old days when I was working on my windows I was going to the Strip Joint a lot. Well those days are behind me (thank god). I am now working on the doors which we can and are doing ourselves (total hassle).

A coworker is now working on her house. She and I have worked together on and off for about a year. So she and I talk restoration and all that crap.

She took her doors to LA Stripping. Granted we live on complete opposite sides of LA county but the price difference is insane. LA Stripping was at least twice what I paid. I know I did windows and not doors but I have gotten quotes from the Strip Joint to do our doors and it was no where close to what she paid. I give it to her that she was on a time line and is trying to do a lot at one time. They also came to her house and stripped all her jams. If I would have know me and the husband could have done it and made a pretty penny.

For the non LA people its not worth the drive to Redondo Beach from Eagle Rock to save a few bucks. Not with traffic and gas prices. But man oh man. Must be nice to just pay someone to do it for you.

I'm secretly jealous.


mom said...

stripper envy!

Christi said...

Don't worry... I plan on hiring you to be the person I pay to put together the house I don't own yet. Don't hold your breath or anything, just want to give you something to look forward to!