Saturday, April 21, 2007

Did someone say windows?

Little did I know that stripping paint off the windows was going to open up such a HUGE can of worms. I mean really, itsnt the pain of stripping paint enough? Do I deserve all the other hassle that has come along with it?

Ok, here is the deal. We have 10 (21 pane) french windows and 1 door (well, 2 doors but one is from HDepot and I am going to replace it with something else) to match. They have about 2 coats of white paint and a few coats of old stain. Not bad. They are made out of pine which I am not that fond of so I want to get them stripped as best we can and put stain on them. I think I like the one called Weathered Teak, its rustic and a little warm. I'll do all the windows and the mantle to match.

Stripping paint It is such a pain. Stripping paint out of little french windows is mind numbing.

In a previous post I mentioned I took a 2 windows to a stripping place. I picked up those windows on friday. They looked great. Well worth the money. It was kinda reassuring to see his end result and mine were not that far off. I will finish up the 4 that I already started and take him another 2. That should do it. Oh, my math is off you say? I took him 2 more when I picked up the original 2. I'm not driving to Redondo and not taking something.

So here is where the actual headache starts. Since the windows got dipped and not just stripped both sides are bare. Also all the glazing is either gone or needs to be removed. So, not only are we stripping, reglazing, priming but I need to sand around the window frame and remove the paint off the hardware before I can put them back on.

Here is the best part. Its raining. It poured on friday, saturday was nice, today (sunday) is overcast with a chance of rain. According to the directions and Nels we cannot paint, glaze or prime until 24 hours after rain. So, even though I have all the supplies and most of the windows here we still live with cardboard and plywood.

All I'm saying is that they better look damn fine when we are finished. Damn fine.

Oh, and all the sawdust and chemicals got me sick. Maybe its the germs I picked up while washing the walls. Either way all I did today was pick leaves out of my garden.

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ericaca said...

eek! that sucks. looks good though...