Friday, April 20, 2007

I wash walls to pass the time

I read on my favorite house blog (The Devil Queen) about the importance of washing walls. I saw something at the Depot awhile ago but did not buy it. I (finally) got a haircut and my hairdresser mentioned a product called TSP. I called around and found it at ACE. This stuff is gnarly. Its a powder that gets mixed according to how bad the stains are. Its basically a prep for paint. It takes the sheen and everything else off the wall.

I figured I had some time to kill might as well wash some walls. To my surprise it took me 4 HOURS to clean our tiny little bathroom. It was so gross in there I am amazed we are not all sick. It was the most vile experience, alright second to the 1 ton of dog shit left in the back yard, we are all trying to forget that. Anyway, back to the bathroom. Now remember we have been living in this bathroom. Brushing our teeth and thinking we were getting clean. We were so wrong. I also got some grout cleaner but it didn't work. I then went back and used the mixture and poof dirty nasty black goo around the toilet, gone!

So then I did our room and the hallway. Each just as gross. I assume the PO did not know what 409 was. I also think she ate in bed. GROSS!


ericaca said...

yuck! yuck! black toilet goo! TSP is scary strong stuff. You say it really cleaned the grout though? we've got some grout issues i'm not sure how to deal with and no money/time to gut our bathroom.

LBTudor said...

It was a great cleaning product. If I was not going to paint over the walls I would not have used it. It takes the sheem off along with everything else. I tried using some heavy duty grout cleaner but it failed. I would only use TSP on the grout if its has already lost its shine or if you don't care.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

I love your bathroom. The house that my wife and I love has two small bathrooms, and, though correct to the house, are both boring and less than useful. Your bathroom gives me hope that these bathrooms can be made interesting and correct-appearing without expanding the bathrooms. Of course, this won't happen for ten years, but it's nice to have ideas while staring at the ugly bathroom.