Friday, April 20, 2007

I hate paint

So, I have figured out that I am a crappy paint stripper. I can do it but it looks crappy and I think there are more nicks than there are suppose to be. Lucky for me the PO only put about 2 coats of paint over some rotten stain. I only had to scrape the 3 (sometimes 4) layers off. The bigger crappy part is that the pine is very very soft. And the more crappy part is the windows are 21 pane and I have 10 of then and 1 door. It makes me laugh really. It took me a whole day to not finish one window. At this rate we are looking at being done around fall. THAT IS MY WHOLE SUMMER! NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!

The neighbor heavens shined on me last weekend. Over the fence we were talking about dirt and other such importants and he saw me struggling (last post). Neighbor-man mentioned a dipping method. It definitely perked my ears. He said his father told him about it but he never looked it up. They did all their stuff by hand. I'm pretty sure they just did doors next door. If I was talking plain wood doors I might be able to handle the task.

Now me being from somewhere else I always use the philosophy that if you can't find it in LA then it clearly does not exist. I knew the stripper was near. FOUND HIM. Its called the Strip Joint in Redondo Beach. The house heavens are shining on me. So I dropped off 2 windows on tuesday. He called last night and said they were ready. I can't wait, I could harly sleep. I am going to take 2 more and possible a door. I think I have a new found friend.

Wish me luck!

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