Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fall Is Time To Rest

A few weeks ago I chopped everything back. The yard looks a little sad but I hope in the spring everything will come back and be healthy. Its like the yard is sleeping. Somethings look dead and I want to yank them out. I have a feeling they are just taking a little dirt nap. Soon to sprout again.

Not sure if we are going to have time to mulch before Thanksgiving but maybe someday we will get that chipper going. Our partners in the chipper said its super loud and that we need to wear ear plugs. So glad they tested it out for us. I would hate to have the ringing in my ears.

1 comment:

erica! said...

make Nelson do the chipping. It feels like your body is going to vibrate into a million pieces. It is seriously the most violent piece of equipment i have ever used...although, I've never used a jackhammer...