Monday, February 9, 2009

Pretty Pretty Bulbs

Its has been raining on and off since Friday. Its great for us. Poor California gets the bum end of the deal when it comes to rain. Hopefully this little spout will continue on for the next few months. That would make me and my natives very happy.

On Sunday we had to go to the dreaded HD and get some toilet parts. Something about finding the right part for a 2 part toilet is a little difficult. I mean its only 80 years old, what's the big deal? They made plastic then. Right?

Anyway, while The Husband was asking some random old dude about what to apoxy to what I was sneaking orange azaleas into the cart. I planted 3. I have been craving azaleas, now I have some. I also stuck in some bulbs.

Hopefully in the spring we will have Astilbe



Yay for flowers.


Adriana said...

Which HD were you at? I was at the Willow/Cherry HD when I got your text. I too was eyeing rinocolus but I thought they were poppies. What do I know? HA!

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

I haven't had much success with ranunculas. If yours do well, I'd be interested in knowing what you did.

mom said...

i've had good luck with bulbs from HD. i put them in pots.

mom said...

i've had good luck with bulbs from HD. i put them in pots.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

From what I can tell,DEA Bathroom Machineries has pretty much all the vintage toilet parts in stock, if you can wait that long. I've never done business with them, but I expect I will in the future.