Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Camphor tree down! It took Neighbor S 2 hours of sawing and cutting to get most of the tree down. He made us a huge pile of leaves. We chipped it for 4 hours it was so good to be able to chop it up in one day. No bagging, nadda. So glad we got that chipper. That thing is a major piece of machinery.

I have a question. Now we have a nice pile of mulch but how long does it need to sit before I can use it? I am concerned about all the berries that were on the tree. I do not want them to still be alive, that would be tragic if I spread thousands of baby camphor trees all over my yard.

Hopefully this weekend we will be chopping some wood. I love to have fires. Plus I need to burn it all before California outlaws wood burning all together. If you notice to the right of the camphor tree is a queen palm with no head. One day full palm tree next day just a stick. Boom, head fall down. Hopefully Neighbor S will chop that thing down too.

We are thinking that we will leave the palm up to the height of neighbors garage. We heard a rumor that there is a tiki carver in the neighborhood. Plus it holds up my hammock.

One awesome thing about chipping all those leaves was the smell. It smelled so good.

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