Monday, March 16, 2009

Fence, Phase 1

The Husband had a great idea. Keep the uprights and simply replace the lattice panels with cedar plug ins. The supports are in some pretty heavy duty concrete, and plus this way we can put our money into a nice gate, something large and compound like. Once we remove the fence roof and the luan reinforcements we might be getting somewhere.

Phase 1 is removing this camphor tree. I have mentioned before that I hate this tree. It drops its berries onto my garden damaging my lettuce and other pretty leaves and things we are trying to grow. Plus it is simply a rogue. It is way too big for that spot. I think it was a baby from the huge tree in the back corner. Once we replace the fence we can plant passion fruit vines and build our outdoor shower. Bad thing is now we need shade for our patio. Although we needed it anyway, that nasty old camphor tree did not provide any shade for us anyway. Only mess.

But this post is about the fence. We can look at tree hating pictures later this week.

1 comment:

mom said...

good idea about the fence. the lattice will live on in the background of the painting,'sasha's dog vilano.'

campor trees suck. they are useless unless you have acreage you need to cover.

need shade? grape arbor?