Monday, May 18, 2009

4.7 Quake Hit The LB

Last night The Husband invited a few of our friends over for the season opener. We BBQ'd some ribs, had salad from the garden, drank cold beer and lived through my first major earthquake.


We were sitting outside talking up a storm and next thing you know the ground was going through a shaking motion and then it felt more like an up and down chopping feeling. It felt like it was right under our feet. Pretty wild.

We had a few things break and the roses on the table lost most of their leaves.

Happy Sunday, happy Long Beach.,0,5541589.story


mom said...

that's pretty strong if the roses lost their leaves! i lived threw a trimmer in anchorage but the main thing i noticed was the lights swaying.

Why S? said...

And another one this afternoon! I didn't feel the one on Sunday but today I was on the west side where I really got it. I hope you're still ok.

LBTudor said...

Yes, I was shaken again today but nothing like sunday night. That was super crazy!