Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rose Park Restoration Fair

The Husband took some great pictures of the Rose Park Restoration Fair. B&B Hardware was there.
We maybe should have bought these roosters for our gate we are building. Maybe they didn't sell them and have them back at the store. B&B is a little expensive but do have some great things. Our neighbor kid worked there for a little while and said the owner was a total nightmare. But he is 16 and kinda pissed so who knows what the real story is.

KP Douglas was there, he had fantastic items. I might have to get in a little closer with this guy. Beautiful fixtures. There I am with my friend Candy, Hi Candy!Kathy Alford was also there. She is a new friend of mine. She is helping us with the Wrigley Garden. Kathy had a beautiful booth, super cute designs.

It was a great event. many more vendors were there. Painters and all the different historical districts were there. Perhaps Wrigley will be represented next year. Great job Rose Park.

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