Monday, October 18, 2010

And then?

Hello followers-

If any of you are still out there. I have been so busy with the Wrigley Garden and starting my farm that my house is falling to shit. Actually its still standing but nothing has been done.

I should have been scraping paint and finishing up the base boards in the 2 rooms I have left but I didn't. I've been slaving away at building a local food system that I forgot all about my little house. Plus since the market crashed its hard to get excited about putting money into something that is not worth what you owe.

Its not like the garbage is piling up and the weeds are taking over. The house is still clean (as clean as can be with no live in cleaning lady and 2 inside/outside dogs) and the kitchen is still the most used room in the house. I dream of a new kitchen. I know everything I want to do. Its even written on the wall by the fridge in case I forget.

We did build a shed out back for all my craftyness and art supplies. Its painted cute and totally functions for drawing or sewing. The Husband put the roof shingles on for me yesterday. Its been raining so I was worried about me stuffz. Its not totally water/ spider proof but its a great work space for the mild climate here in the LBC.

Other than that its same old same old. The days are getting shorter so maybe I'll be blogging more. Hard to farm in the dark after all.

Thanks for still working on your houses. I'm sure they all look great.

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RJ said...

Lets see some pics of your new shed