Friday, November 5, 2010

And then there were 3.

I have been teetering for quite sometime. I mean its a house blog. That's what I signed on for. When I use to have a job and work on my house all was well. As soon as I stopped working in the film industry and starting gardening and farming for a living things around here sure changed. Instead of working on my yard for fun I had it certified as an official growing ground for market and priorities changed.

No scraping paint this year. That part I do regret, 2 more rooms and I would have been finished. I wanted the Husband to help me but he is a busy guy and I felt bad for making him work on the weekends.

Anyway. Here is the teetering part. The only house work is turning the quest room into a nursery. Yep, 2 dogs, 20 chickens and The Husband just were not enough. I felt the need to expand the family. So do I talk about my personal life and baby stuff here on the old house blog? I mean no graphic details will be posted but what to do...what to do.

I can't start another blog for baby stuff. I'm already tied to the computer too much as it is. With the non-profit, mailing lists, email and keeping up with facebook I really need to be in the field more.

Baby due in late April, I hope he/she likes the house. :)

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