Thursday, May 14, 2009


The other day I posted it takes 1 million days to grow a flower garden by seed. Today my spirits have been lifted just a little.

Last year we grew a few very beautiful amaranthus. After they were finished with their cycle I sprinkled the dried out flower all over the garden. Lots of the seeds took and have sprouted up all over the place. I am putting a little more effort into things by trimming off the bottom leaves. Hopefully this will help the plant to grow upright and have long and beautiful flowers.

This is truly one of my garden favorites. Take's full sun, once sprouted grows very quickly. Put this one of the list for next year!


mom said...

liquid fertilizer will give them a boost!

erica Bjerning said...

ooh. we grew amaranthus one year and it was sooooo gorgeous....yay!