Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To Can Or Not To Can?

Last year I had high hopes of storing food for the winter. We all know that didn't happen. Funny how you can't store food that you cannot grow. I mean this years garden blows doors on last years crop.

So what should I do? Freeze 'em? Can 'em? I do run a food co-op but there is something about these tomatoes that I just can't give too many away.

Last night I froze 2 bags of skinned tomatoes perfectly plump and ready for winter sauce. Here is another big bowl waiting on the counter to ripen up.

So what do I do?


bren philips said...

make simple tomato sauce or soup and then freeze. it takes a lot of cooked tomatoes for one bag so it won't fill up your freezer. canning is to complicated.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

I've had good luck with stewing and storing tomatoes in 1 gallon bags. If you don't quite fill the bags, they'll store pretty flat, and then, when you want a bit of tomato flavor for something, you can just break off a chunk. They break quite easily.